Gaelic Immersion Weekend

Friday 20 June – Monday 23 June 2014
10am – 4pm

This will be a four-day immersion weekend, a chance to put to practice your kitchen Gaelic – the everyday language you would use in the home, at work, with friends.

Build confidence by using the language you have already learned – with visits to the local farmers’ market; coffee shop; nearby park. The class will prepare lunch together every day with a focus on traditional dishes. There will be plenty of opportunity to build vocabulary and to work on grammar basics – with an emphasis on verbs and prepositions.

Activities will be conducted in Gaelic using the Gàidhlig aig Baile teaching method. All levels welcome. Cost for workshop including lunch and srupag: $125

For more information, and to register please contact Laura Stirling at

Creation Date: 
Wednesday, 18 June, 2014