About Sgoil Ghŕidhlig's immersion courses

Sgoil Ghŕidhlig’s immersion courses utilize a methodology known as Total Immersion Plus (TIP), which was introduced to Nova Scotia by Finlay MacLeod of Comhairle nan Sgoiltean Ŕraich, the Scottish Gaelic Preschools Association. Immersion courses of this type are also known as Gŕidhlig aig Baile, or ‘Gaelic in the Community’. Gŕidhlig aig Baile instruction is currently offered in numerous Nova Scotian communities, and Sgoil Ghŕidhlig an Ŕrd Bhaile offers the most extensive course timetables in the province.

Why try an immersion course with Sgoil Ghŕidhlig an Ŕrd Bhaile?

Gŕidhlig aig Baile courses and workshops teach students to speak and understand Gaelic through conducting everyday activities, games and conversation in a total immersion environment. Once students are functional in the language, they may learn to read and write Gaelic, either in continued immersion through Sgoil Ghŕidhlig’s ‘Advanced Reading and Writing in Gaelic’ course or through other methods.

Gŕidhlig aig Baile courses and workshops lead to conversational competence in the language more quickly than through other methods of teaching Gaelic. There is ample opportunity to speak the language from the very first session attended. Furthermore, Gŕidhlig aig Baile courses build on Gaelic community strengths: native speakers' knowledge of the language is valued, and aspects of Gaelic culture, such as storytelling, song and traditional skills are incorporated into the teaching. Gaelic values of hospitality and community are integral to the experience: many learning sessions take place in members' homes, creating a relaxed, informal atmosphere. And students learn Gaelic in a co-operative, supportive environment. There are no tests, and students are never put on the spot or expected to answer a question that they don't know the answer to. The overriding goal of Sgoil Ghŕidhlig an Ŕrd Bhaile is to build a Gaelic-speaking community in the Halifax area. Conversational opportunities are incorporated into each course session, and there are many opportunities to socialize and practice Gaelic at pub nights and cčilidhs.

If you are interested in learning to speak Gaelic fluently, Sgoil Ghŕidhlig’s Gŕidhlig aig Baile courses are your most effective and cost-efficient option. Beginners are welcome to attend a session before making a commitment. Come see for yourself!

Total Immersion Plus / Gŕidhlig aig Baile

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